Day 5. Let Go.

December 5Let Go. What (or whom) did you let go of this year? Why? (Author: Alice Bradley)

I meant to write about this last night. But! Nothing. And today. Nothing. I have nothing to say about letting go in 2010.

The only thing I really felt the letting go of was my super-pregnant body. Thank goodness for that! I’m back to my regular size, and it’s hard to believe I was ever a leg aching, air puffing, exhausted 41 weeks pregnant. That was. Epic proportions! I was ever glad to see the phase end.

37 weeks!  At least the legs remain the same.

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    Oh, how I related to your “Let Go” post!! I remember those days; my kids are much, much older, but boy do I remember that uncomfortable stage! Congratulations on your beautiful baby. All your posts about new parenthood really took me back. We even lived in WA when my first was born, and spent our 4th anniversary in the Lake Quinault Lodge, so I enjoyed your photos of the Olympic Penn immensely. :)

    PS I wish I lived closer so I could have you fix my hair!! Last three cuts–disaster.

    Anyway, write on!

    L Wms
    Reverb10 participant

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      Thank you, dear reverb10 fellow!

      Lake Quinault is just lovely, isn’t it? We plan on spending more time there in the not too distant future. Hopefully, our son will get to know it well, too, no matter where we end up in this world.

      Please do stop by Vain if you ever come back to these parts!

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